Rules and regulations on posting ads for users.
The regulations are for both registered users and visitors. When using this site, you must read and agree to the  following terms and conditions.

We may change or add to any or all of these regulations without prior notice. You must regularly check these regulations to catch up the changes and supplements, if any.

To ensure the accuracy of your posts:
  • The title must be concise, intelligible and generalize the content information.
  • Leave the contact address, telephone number, or email.

The information quality and trustworthiness:
  • All postings must be honest, accurate and respect the readers.
  • The title and content of the posts must be written in Vietnamese with accents.  Capitalize the first letters at the beginning of lines. Do not set uppercase for all of the post.
  • The information must be sufficient, and presented coherently and clearly.
  • The contact information must be accurate and have at least one means of contact.
  • Do not post spam or perform any act which is detrimental to the system operation.

The prohibited contents and/or behaviours:
  • Inappropiate words and/or language.
  • Any of pornographic contents.
  • Any of distorted, and/or defamatory contents.
  • Posts related with trading products such as: wild animals and/or products from wild animals, narcotics, stimulants and other drugs, secret documents of authorities, or human body parts.
  • Direct download links of any copyrighted programs.
  • Commodities related to racist or offensive to any ethnicities or certain countries.

Admin Powers:
  • We will remove all false postings without notification.
  • We are not responsible for resolving disputes between customers.
  • We are not responsible for the accuracy of the information posted by members.
  • We can adjust the user's posts to fix typos, grammatical errors, presentation text, or other simple errors as needed to facilitate accurate and trustworthy information.