Đăng Rao Vặt
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CẦN GẤP SALESMAN Cần gấp salesman biết nói tiếng Việt/ tiếng Tàu Phải có kinh nghiệm bán sỉ và lẻ hoặc ngành tạp hóa Địa điểm: City of Industry Vui lòng gọi (909) 594-6560
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Cần người nam giúp cụ ông: Fountain Valley Tìm kiếm người nam khỏe mạnh, đáng tin cậy để chăm sóc bệnh nhân Parkinson 81T trong ca đêm từ thứ Hai đến thứ Sáu. Lương thỏa thuận. Gọi cho Hiếu: 714-852-8410
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Tiệm Nails vùng Lawndale, cần thợ CTN, biết làm đủ thứ càng tốt. Lương 600-800/tuần. Nếu cần bao lương. L/L (310) 561-9873, (310) 263-0012
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Electronic company in Torrance need a Machines shop technician. Know basic equipments: Drill, cat, saw. Can read blue print, understand measurement. 1 year experience, need carefull, detail, patient. Please send resume: Hiep.Luu@mximaging.com
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Cần người giúp cụ già còn đi đứng được. Biết nấu ăn, làm việc nhà. Nghỉ ngày cuối tuần. Thật thà, chăm chỉ. Lương thỏa thuận. L/H (310) 462-5231 (Ngọc)
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Quality Inspector (Aerospace/ Manufacturing) This position completes all or any combination of, inspection and/or testing tasks required to ensure that manufactured items conform to company and industry quality standards as well as to contract specifications when required. These duties generally require a high degree of accuracy and attention to detail as well as moderate to heavy lifting. SPECIFIC DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES - Inspects and measures materials, products, and work for conformance to specifications and standards throughout the manufacturing cycle - Accurately uses all standard measuring tools, including, but not limited to, rulers, calipers, and force gauges - Interprets blueprints, data, and other materials to determine specifications, inspection and testing procedures, and measuring instruments required - Records inspection data and quantities inspected on required inspection reports - Collects and files inspection and test records in accordance with established record maintenance procedures - Notifies supervisors and other personnel of production quality problems and assists in identifying and correcting these problems - Discusses inspection results with those responsible for products and recommends necessary corrective actions - Completes all required record keeping, including time sheets, traceability forms, etc. - Understand part numbers and revision levels - Inspects customer repairs as needed - Assist with the training of new inspectors as needed - Performs other related duties as required or assigned - Follows company rules and procedures EXPERIENCE - 1 to 2 years quality inspection experience in manufacturing. - Functionally literate including able to read and write English documents. - Able to perform basic computations (add, subtract, multiply, divide in all units of measure using whole numbers, fractions, and decimals). - Capable of accurately using standard measuring tools. - Capable reading and interpreting manufacturing drawings and work specification sheets. - Detail oriented and able to maintain high accuracy standards. QUALIFICATIONS - Must be US citizen or Permanent Resident (Export Control requirement) EDUCATION - High School Diploma/GED or equivalent - Hourly rate: $12-$15 To apply in person: Applications and Inspection Test ONLY available Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays 8am to 11am. 3100 W. Segerstrom Ave. Santa Ana, CA 92704 May also apply online: https://airborne-sys.com/parachute-careers-military-space/
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Hair Salon (Great Clips) in Irvine hiring ambitious and motivate Hair Stylist and Barbers. Due to demand by customers, men hairstylists and barbers are welcome to apply. Please contact Parry at (949) 422-8333 or email Paurasteh@hotmail.com. ----- Hair Salon (Great Clips) ở Irvine cần tuyển thợ cắt tóc và tạo kiểu tóc, siêng năng và cầu tiến. Do nhu cầu của khách, cần thợ cắt tóc nam. Vui lòng liên lạc Parry (949) 422-8333 hoặc email Paurasteh@hotmail.com
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Cần nữ mạnh khỏe chăm sóc bà cụ làm chút ít việc nhà. Lương $2300/ tháng. Bao ăn ở. Thành phố Temple City. L/L (626) 757-7994.